Feature Availability Of Travel Manager

Travel Manager: Management and data maintenance of flights

Roles and responsibilities of Travel Manager

  • Can see flights, make bookings, manage waiting lists
  • Can, if desired, give employees the opportunity to book places themselves -> authorized employees -> test employee Mike Schulz


  • Flights can be searched by date
  • In the overview of the flights, the business card icon and BK stands for bookable (the passenger data can then be entered here), WL stands for waiting list, i.e. the flight is already full and the passenger can only be placed on the waiting list. Full flights are shown with a red dot in the seats column. The icon next to the business card then shows the passenger list of the flight.


  • All bookings are displayed here. These can be filtered by the date and /or name of the passenger
  • Individual bookings can be edited or deleted
  • When entering “EMPLOYEES”, the surname is searched for and filtered.The system recognizes names that have been booked
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