Corporate Shuttle


Millions of people have to travel from one location of their company to another in the world every day. In some cases, entire groups of employees need adequate air travel. With FlightTime your company has found the partner for company shuttles.

  • National and international shuttles
  • VIP service
  • Tailored budget and travel plans
  • Catering | Hotel check and much more.
Fly relaxed, inexpensive and save time

Some airlines also fly to regional airports. But the essential limiting element when flying is not the route network, but the time.

Starting with the time-consuming, timely journey to the airport and the need to comply with the airlines’ flight schedules to waiting times at the security checkpoint and at the departure gate – these time losses are often greater than the actual flight times and therefore not for efficient employees and companies acceptable.

We offer your employees the ideal combination of exclusivity and economy. While the travelers can continue to concentrate on their work in a relaxed atmosphere or use the travel time to relax, the entire company benefits from the affordable price-performance ratio of our professional charter flights.

Tailor-made flights for your budget

Regardless of whether it is a national or international company shuttle, charter flights are often significantly cheaper than comparable scheduled flights in relation to the number of passengers. Consciously combine exclusive comfort and an impressive price-performance ratio. With FlightTime you keep the costs for company shuttles low and the workforce of your employees is unencumbered. Your company benefits in two ways. Budget limits are adhered to without any problems and employees can concentrate and continue their work without being disturbed, even during the trip. You move outside the line network at individual times.

Shuttle flights at home and abroad

We work with numerous national and international partners worldwide and have extensive resources. Our first-class care will give your employees the comfort they need for the most stress-free travel possible. You can also offer business partners exclusivity and a pleasant working atmosphere with our company shuttle service. Of course, we adapt the flight and travel plans to your specifications and wishes down to the smallest detail.

Our additional offers optimally round off company shuttles

Thanks to the high level of competence and many years of experience of our airline team, every charter flight with us is a comfortable transport for employees, employees or business partners. But occasionally it can be a little more. FlightTime offers you attractive additional offers such as our proven catering on board, hotel check-ins or the exclusive VIP service. On request, we can take over the entire logistical and organizational support for business trips and company shuttles. We also transport equipment professionally and safely from one company location to another. But don’t ask yourself what else we can do for your company. Let us work together to translate your specifications and wishes into concrete travel plans. We guarantee you and your employees a smooth process for our charter flights. Contact us directly. We would be happy to provide you with individually tailored offers and flight and travel plans optimized down to the smallest detail. The FlightTime airline team looks forward to working with your company.

With our new online booking tool book-my-flight, all companies that offer their own company flights for their employees can simplify and standardize sales processes. Employees authorized to make a booking then have a direct opportunity to see the flights online and book a seat directly. When booking, passengers can also indicate excess baggage, incompatibilities, etc.

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